bd-Capital Invests in TAPTAP Digital


Bd-capital’s investment of EUR 100 million in TAPTAP Digital marks their inaugural investment in Spain. As an operationally led private equity firm that invests across Europe, bd-capital specializes in businesses that benefit from changing consumer behavior and technology disruption, such as SportPursuit (UK and Germany-based online private sales club offering outdoor lifestyle products); Symprove (gut health products business); Ascenti among others.

TAPTAP Digital

TAPTAP Digital is a global marketing and advertising technology provider with offices in Europe, North America, and Africa. Their Sonata platform utilizes geospatial technology and artificial intelligence for multidimensional audience planning, media activation, and measurement across 85 countries – driving transparent results with tangible benefits for brands and agencies alike.

As part of this event, TAPTAP Digital, an international leader in geospatial advertising technology and programmatic publicitaria technology, introduced a novel method to measure advertisers who utilize DOOH campaigns. While traditional approaches typically entail collecting individual IDs of passerby ads for verification, bd-capital’s solution instead estimates which stores were visited by each strategy.

Bd-capital’s latest investment, in TAPTAP Digital, marks its fourth in the region and follows its strategy of investing in growing mid-size businesses that offer promising growth potential due to changing consumer behavior patterns or technological disruption. Bd-capital’s team includes former CEOs and Operating Partners who take an operationally led approach when working with businesses. We have offices in London, Manchester and Madrid. Gomez Acebo & Pombo provides legal, tax, financial, and W&I advisory advice to bd-capital. Bd-capital was founded by Richard Baker (former FTSE CEO/Chairman) and Andy Dawson (former Advent International Investment Partner).


SportPursuit operates an e-commerce platform dedicated to selling sports products and services. Members gain exclusive access to premium sporting brands through flash sales events with up to 80% discounts! SportPursuit also provides consumers with engaging, content-rich experiences; product offerings span cycling, running, camping, skiing, swimming, and tennis, among many other disciplines.

SportPursuit, with headquarters in London and more than 750 employees globally, specializes in digital retail and outdoor recreation. Their team boasts extensive expertise in these sectors; building relationships with their customers while providing excellent service is at the heart of everything they do. Their unique business model provides highly targeted content to increase customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value.

So, the company offers its customers exclusive offers and promotions to encourage them to spend more time outdoors and engage in their favorite sporting activities. Furthermore, customer support is always available round-the-clock; its customer base is diverse, and the marketing team uses data-driven strategies for engagement and retention.

SportPursuit was established in 2011 as the UK’s inaugural flash sale site dedicated exclusively to sports products. It offers top-quality products at up to 90% off their RRP through time-limited sales events. SportPursuit’s founders were former strategy consultants who recognized its potential as an innovative form of online retailing that could deliver constantly fresh and relevant items through powerful databases and engaging content to their customers.

In 2021, bd-capital invested in SportPursuit due to its compelling business model, ample market opportunity, and talented management team. Since then, SportPursuit has expanded both internationally and domestically by adopting an ingenious personalization strategy that delivers customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value in an unprecedented manner. Today, it is one of the fastest-growing outdoor equipment and sports apparel specialists on the market.


Symprove is a water-based gut supplement containing four live bacteria strains designed to enhance gut microbiome health, providing support against inflammation and bloating and improving skin conditions such as acne. It is recommended for daily consumption by adults and children alike and is available in various flavors and made in the UK without artificial colors or sweeteners.

Symprove employs an innovative delivery system to deliver bacteria directly into the gut without being destroyed by stomach acid. It contains both bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria to ensure maximum probiotic effectiveness without being absorbed into the bloodstream, an essential factor when keeping bacteria within the digestive tract.

This product is appropriate for anyone suffering from IBS or digestive issues. It is safe to take and can be combined with medications or supplements; however, always consult your physician before starting any new supplement or medication regimen. Additionally, this company does not advise taking it while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Symprove is a convenient and cost-effective way to increase the levels of good bacteria in your gut, coming in delicious flavors with four strains. A great alternative to yogurt or peppermint oil, Symprove may also help alleviate symptoms associated with IBS while supporting your overall health.

The brand’s latest campaign features an eye-catching travel-themed spot, depicting idyllic beach resorts, surf breaks, and hiking trails as a reminder that gut problems shouldn’t thwart your summer holiday plans. However, it should be remembered that one in four people cancel due to digestive issues!

Symprove differs from other probiotics by being water-based rather than powder or tablet form, making it easier to pass through your stomach without producing acid and increasing chances of survival. Plus, its neutral flavor makes it suitable for children! Plus, it makes an excellent addition when taking antibiotics as it replenishes lost good bacteria rapidly and effectively!